The Latest News on World Nutella Day

To all World Nutella Day Fans:

Thanks for all your comments, messages, Facebook updates & shares, Tweets, and support in the last few days. They have been truly appreciated, and I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to respond to your particular message directly.

I’m relieved to say there’s been a positive resolution to the situation. Ferrero employees reached out to me directly after I had posted my fan letter online and sent my formal reply to their C&D. They were very gracious and supportive and we were able to have a productive discussion about World Nutella Day living on for the fans, which is the whole point.

I believe they were truly interested in resolving the situation in a way that preserved the spirit of the fan-run holiday. I’m satisfied with the turn of events, and I hope to celebrate many more World Nutella Days with you. See you on February 5th!

Sara Rosso

A few Q&A I’ve been getting from various sources: 

Q: Will there be a World Nutella Day on February 5, 2014? 
A: I definitely hope so – that’s the plan right now. In any case, it’s up to the fans to celebrate, which I hope they will. I chose the date, they choose how to celebrate!

Q: Will you release the C&D?
A: When I posted the letter to fans on this site on May 16th, I had already formally replied to Ferrero. I felt releasing it would be taking a step backwards (and also lacking the context of my reply) as well as complicating the issue which I hoped could be resolved in a positive manner.

Q: Are you mad at Ferrero?
A: No. As I mentioned before, most of my interactions with various employees & consultants has been positive. Of course I wish it hadn’t happened in the first place, but I’m pleased at the speed of resolution and that the site & holiday will continue. In my conversation with them they seemed genuine about appreciating fans of Nutella.

Q: Was this a hoax or publicity stunt? 
A: Absolutely not. There were real legal and formal documents being exchanged.

Q: Were you compensated in any way by Ferrero for making any changes to the website, continuing World Nutella Day, or posting this letter?
A: No. And I’ve never been compensated by Ferrero in any way.

Here’s the release Ferrero has made in English (& Italian) about it:

“World Nutella Day: a positive conclusion

Positive direct contact between Ferrero and Sara Rosso, owner of the non-official Nutella fan page World Nutella Day, has brought an end to the case.

Ferrero would like to express to Sara Rosso its sincere gratitude for her passion for Nutella, gratitude which is extended to all fans of the World Nutella Day.

The case arose from a routine brand defense procedure that was activated as a result of some misuse of the Nutella brand on the fan page.

Ferrero is pleased to announce that today, after contacting Sara Rosso and finding together the appropriate solutions, it immediately stopped the previous action.

Ferrero considers itself fortunate to have such devoted and loyal fans of its Nutella spread, like Sara Rosso. “


Published & updated: May 21, 2013