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World Nutella Day 2013 Press Release

7th World Nutella Day Set for February 5, 2013

Thousands of bloggers and fans worldwide celebrate Italy’s edible treasure with online and offline tributes for the 7th anniversary of World Nutella Day on February 5, 2013. 

MILAN, ITALY. January 5, 2013 – On February 5, 2013, thousands of fans around the world will once again celebrate their love for one of Italy’s national, edible treasures: Nutella. This year’s event will be the 7th annual World Nutella Day honoring the chocolate-hazelnut spread; American writers in Italy Sara Rosso and Michelle Fabio began the holiday in 2007 to encourage Nutella enthusiasts worldwide to enjoy and get creative with Nutella.

Although many Italian and other European children fall in love with Nutella from an early age, the spread has recently hit English-speaking markets and around the world; no matter how old you are the first time you try Nutella, though, the excitement is palpable and memorable. World Nutella Day is the perfect day for adults everywhere to experience a second childhood and discover Nutella.

Online tributes to the sweet treat in previous years have included homemade recipes, picture collages, and even haiku. Also at, the online home of the event, fans can find the top collection of Nutella recipes — over 700 ways to enjoy Nutella in everything from cookies and cupcakes to drinks and pizza as well as Nutella substitute recipes for those who would like to make their own homemade version.

“Nutella Day has had a significant impact on the way Nutella is used in the world. Before World Nutella Day, using Nutella in recipes was practically unheard of. Through our extensive recipe list on, we’ve inspired people to experiment with Nutella and it’s become a tradition for many families to cook with it as well as just dip their spoons in the jar,” said co-host Sara Rosso.

Indeed, is now the #1 source of Nutella recipes on the web thanks to so many fan contributions, and Google’s search volume for Nutella has more than quadrupled in the past seven years.

This year, hosts Sara and Michelle have already received several messages about real live World Nutella Day parties being organized by Nutella Day fans all over the world; more suggestions on how you can celebrate wherever you are can be found at And remember, World Nutella Day is for newbies and veterans alike.

“We get so many positive comments from Nutella first-timers, people who had never tried it before, so apparently World Nutella Day continues to open tastebuds around the globe with each passing year,” adds co-host Michelle Fabio.

About World Nutella Day:
World Nutella Day, was created in 2007 by Sara Rosso, an American writer living in Italy, and is currently co-hosted by Sara and Michelle Fabio, another American writer living in Italy. Lovers of Nutella get creative with the chocolaty-hazelnut spread and blog about their creations or send in recipes and photos.

Aside from the website, which boasts a list of more than 700 Nutella recipes from all over the globe, World Nutella Day can also be found @nutelladay on Twitter and on Facebook at World Nutella Day’s Facebook fan page has over 35,000 fans and growing quickly, with fans from all over the world: from Kuwait to France to the Philippines; 77% of fans are women and 68% of all fans are between 18-44.

Sara Rosso

About Sara Rosso:

Sara Rosso is an American digital strategist, writer and photographer living in Milan, Italy. She writes about food at Ms. Adventures in Italy, and about tech talk and growing your business at When I Have Her photography has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, La Cucina Italiana and her writing can be found all over the Internet as well as in Fodor’s Italy guide.

Sara tried Nutella on her first trip to Italy in 1994 and tried not to gain the “Nutella 15″ when studying abroad years later. She’s been living in Italy since 2003. She also co-hosts an all-Italy podcast called Eye on Italy.

Sara can be reached via @rosso on Twitter and via email at press AT sararosso DOT com.

Michelle FabioAbout Michelle Fabio:
Michelle Fabio (@michellefabio) is an American lawyer-turned-freelance writer and editor who has lived in her family’s ancestral village in Calabria, Italy since 2003. She is the managing editor of the Italy office of Gemelli Press, a boutique publisher that combines passions for books and Italy.

Michelle writes at Bleeding Espresso and at Goat Berries, about raising “kids” in southern Italy.  She also offers a consulting service for aspiring law students at Personal Statement Artist and recently published the ebook, The Art of the Law School Personal Statement.

Michelle tried Nutella for the first time in Italy in 2002 and wonders how she ever ate fresh bread without it.

She can be reached at michelle AT michellefabio DOT com

Press Contact for World Nutella Day:
Sara Rosso, founder World Nutella Day
contact AT nutelladay DOT com

Ferrero S.p.A. is not officially involved with World Nutella Day, nor are the organizers compensated by Ferrero in any way for organizing it; World Nutella Day is truly a labor of love for the tasty treat.

World Nutella Day 2013 Press Kit

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World Nutella Day Logo - February 5th

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World Nutella Day - February 5th. Keep Calm and Nutella On

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